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About Plumber Singapore

When you need the services of a Singapore plumber in your home, the skills of any typical handyman will not do. There are dozens of Singapore plumbing companies that offer plumber services across the local community, and you can call any of them for your repair needs today. However, if you are like many local residents, you may have heard stories from friends and family about shoddy repair services that were done in their home and that ultimately resulted in additional costly repairs, water damage to their home and more. Nobody wants to contend with such issues inside their own home, and this is why you want to call a reputable, licensed plumber to your home today. You can enjoy the high quality results that you want in your Singapore plumbing services by call us today.

Singapore Plumber is made up of a team of 20 plumbers so as to attend to your needs as soon as we can. With Plumbers stationed Islandwide, we are able to respond to your problem fast! The reason Singapore plumber has been that successful is because of our belief in quality and efficiency. The secret for success of Singapore plumber lies in our belief in fast response time, quality and efficiency works, & good after sales service. You will definitely be assured of quality service with our 24 hours plumber services in Singapore.

An ACRA registered business and PUB Licensed Plumber, we provide a receipt for the repair work we undertake. In the receipt, you our valued customer would find a few important details such as:

  • The repair warranty period
  • The contact details for after sales service
  • The invoice number

The above mentioned details are important as you would need them should any problem arise within the warranty period provided by our plumbers. Train and equip with the various machines, chemical and bathroom sanitary wares, we are able to tackle the hardest to solve problem that other plumbers may not be able to.


Our appointment process:

  • call us to arrange a no obligation assessment. 
  • prior to beginning the job , the plumber would give you a breakdown of the prices.
  • upon agreement on the prices, the work would proceed.
  • All work done comes with a Warranty. As such, you need not worry about sloppy or incomplete work.

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As one of the leading Singapore plumber companies in the community, we have worked hard over the years to develop a strong reputation for providing our customers with great results. Many other companies that offer similar services are new to town, and when you choose to use them for service, you don’t know what to expect. Why choose an unproven company for your home’s plumbing needs when you can rely on our solid reputation and extensive experience in the community?

Our company may have a solid reputation for providing quality plumbing services, but you may be concerned about the plumber who will arrive at your door to assist you. We employ a team of experienced plumbers to assist with your plumbing needs. Each professional is fully licensed and has years of experience working in the field. You may call us for the installation of new sanitaryware in your bathroom, to repair leaks in your taps, to remedy a choke in the toiletbowl or for any number of other issues. You can rest assured that the reliable Singapore plumber who arrives at your home from our company will have the skills, experience and tools necessary to repair your issue quickly. Our skilled plumbers can handle any job large or small!

When you call a plumber Singapore to your home, you may also be concerned about how quickly a professional can arrive at your home. Some plumbing service requests are not urgent in nature. For example, you may want professional installation of a new bathroom fixture that you have purchased to upgrade the look of your home. While this need is not urgent, that does not mean that you want to wait for hours for a plumber to arrive. We pride ourselves on providing you with fast, prompt plumbing services. For non-urgent needs, we can schedule an appointment for service at a time that is convenient for you, and you can rest assured that one of our skilled, licensed professionals will arrive at the scheduled time.

There are times, however, when you may be in need of emergency repair services. During these times, every minute may count. A single water leak, for example, can result in costly damage throughout your home. Water can damage your furniture, flooring, drywall and more, and you want to stop a leak as soon as possible. Some Singapore plumbing companies only offer service during normal business hours, but we provide you with service when you need it. With our 24-hour emergency plumbing service, a licensed plumber will visit your home within 30 minutes of your request for service. If you have a high priority repair issue, we will take every step possible to ensure you receive the fastest response. Regardless of whether your request for service is in the middle of the night, on a holiday weekend or at some other time, call us for the fast emergency Singapore plumber services response you need.

The cost of repair services often is a concern as well. Some local residents may delay in calling a Singapore plumbing for service on a leaky tap because they are concerned about the cost. This type of issue can actually cost you money with time as wasted water can inflate your water bill! To save money, you should repair these types of issues quickly. We strive to provide you with the most competitive rates possible. In addition, we will provide you with an estimated price for the plumbing services needed up-front. You don’t want to be surprised with a huge bill for plumber services after the work has been completed. By providing you with an estimate for our services up-front, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Factors like the skills and experience of the plumber, the ability to provide a wide range of services, the ability to respond to requests for service around the clock and the ability to get an up-front cost estimate are all important, and we will deliver in each of these areas. However, there is one additional factor that you should consider when searching for the best Singapore plumbing company to call today. Many local companies will provide you a service, collect their payment and the service will be complete. That is not the case when you call us for the service you need. The fact is that we stand behind the work that we do with a limited warranty on most services. Once the plumber drives away from your home, you want some type of guarantee that the services you just paid for will last. Our limited warranty provides you with the guarantee that you are looking for. If you have issues with the same area of your home during the warranty period, one of our plumbing professionals will visit your home and provide you with repair services without cost to you!

When you compare all of the benefits that we provide to Singapore residents like you against what the other companies offer, you will see that we are the clear choice for all of your plumbing services with our affordable Singapore plumber pricing. You can call us today to schedule an appointment for your current needs, and be sure to keep our phone number stored in a convenient location so that you know exactly which plumber to call for your future needs.

We believe that your smile is the best reward we can get.

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