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Pipes are designed to last for years in your home without the need for repair. However, even pipes in newer homes can become damaged due to events like physical trauma to the pipes, the home’s foundation settling, major storms or other natural weather events and more. In addition, some pipes will simply show signs of wear and tear or usage sooner than other pipes will. One of the most common issues that homeowners have with pipes is the development of a leak. As a top plumber Singapore company, we can assist with all of your leaky pipe issues and other related pipe issues.

For a Slow Leak
Some leaks are massive and may be considered a true plumbing emergency. Other plumbing leaks are smaller in size, and they may even slowly drip rather than gush large amounts of water. As a homeowner, you may be inclined to overlook a slow leak and delay in calling us for plumber Singapore services. However, the fact is that even a slow leak is a plumbing emergency. Slow leaks can waste water with each drip that comes out of the pipe, and they also can cause water damage, instigate mold growth and more. In fact, if a water leak is not corrected by a professional plumber and steps are not made to dry out the area within about 48 hours of the leak’s development, the possibility of mold growth development increases significant. If you have seen a slow leak or even if you have the hunch that there is a slow leak in your home’s interior plumbing features, it is important to schedule Singapore plumber service immediately.

For a Larger Leak
While some plumbing leaks are less obvious, some are difficult to miss. A larger plumbing leak could result in water spreading across the floor of your home, permeating drywall and even dripping through onto your furnishings and carpet and more. The first thing that you should do is turn off the main plumbing water valve to your home. This should stop the flow of water from the leak. Then, call us immediately for emergency plumber services. You will not be able to turn the water valve to your home back on until the plumbing issue has been repaired, so you do want to call us for immediate plumber Singapore service.

Emergency Plumber Singapore Service
Whether your plumbing leaks are larger or smaller in size and severity, the fact is that all types of leaks can waste money by inflating your water bill. Furthermore, they can also cause a lot of damage to your home in a short period of time through water damage as well as the possibility of mold development. It is important to call us for emergency plumber Singapore service at the first sign of a leak. We offer 24-hour emergency Singapore plumbing services from licensed, experienced professionals. We can arrive at your home promptly with all of the plumbing tools, equipment and supplies necessary to provide you with the results that you want.

Reputable Plumber Singapore Service
As one of the top services in the area, we take a number of steps to ensure that you receive a high quality experience. First, we only employ highly experienced plumber technicians who are licensed and who have extensive knowledge of home plumbing fixtures and features. We also conduct a background check on all of our plumbing professionals before hiring them. Furthermore, when we visit your home to provide plumber Singapore services, we will provide you with a written cost estimate before fees are assessed. You will know exactly how much our services will cost before any work begins. Many of our plumbing services are provided to you with a limited warranty on parts and labor, and this gives you the benefit of knowing that you are indeed receiving high quality services that we stand behind.

If you have noticed signs of a water leak or if you think you may have a small, hidden plumbing leak somewhere on your property, don’t delay in calling us for Singapore plumber services. We can dispatch a skilled plumber Singapore to your home immediately for service. This is the first step toward repairing the leak with expert plumber Singapore services and minimizing damage caused by a water leak.



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