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Water Heater Repair and Installation Service

Common problems faced by most household that require quick repair is when your heater is damaged. A water heater is a common bathroom essential today. Our plumbers provide repair services for most type of issues that you may encounter with your home heating system. Most common call in we recieve with regards to the water heater usually includes faulty switch, heater which can't provide hot water or water heater tank leaks. Repair and installation work we undertake includes that of heaters behind false ceiling and ceilings.

Repair of Water Heater
Replacement of Heating System
Basic Factor To Consider When Replacing Your Water Heater System
Fixing and Appointment and warranty

Repair of water Heater

Most repair problems that we have faced are that of :  

  • No hot water,  
  • Trip in electricity when heating system is switched on,  
  • Water heater does not have power at all,  
  • Leaking in pipes leading to the tank,  
  • Leaking in water tank,  
  • Low water pressure from shower.  

For most cases, we have to make an onsite assessment of the problem before we can be certain if the fault is due to the heating component itself, piping or electrical connection. If the problem lies with the water heating system, repair or replacement can be done. 

In some cases it is to the home owner advantage to just replace the entire system as the some parts are not economically viable to be repaired.  

To make an appointment for a serviceman, call us at: 1800 8332133 or 6774 6009

mobile: 8199 3422

storage water heaterSome water heater brand we carry includes:

  • 707
  • Ariston
  • Jovan
  • Rheem


Replacement of water heater:

There are many different type of water heating system. The first choice one has to make when purchasing a water heater is to purchase a instant or a storage heater? The cost of an instant system is usually lower than compared to that of a storage water system by quite a fair bit. So what is the difference?

The difference is in the eletricity consumption and the heating method.

Some basic factor to consider when choosing your water heater:

When purchasing your home water heater, one of the main factors to consider is the consumption of water that you are expecting. The main difference between a instant heater and a storage heater is the way in which it heats up your water. As the name suggest, a instant water heater only heats up the water the instant you on it while a storage heater has a storage tank that stores water. When you switch on the heater, all the water within the tank is heated up. 

As such, a instant heater is suitable if say it is only installed for a shower room while a storage heater would be preferable  if the hot water is meant for higher usuage. 

For example, if you are running a rain shower or intend to have hot water for your entire home - ie: bathroom shower as well as tap and sink tap, you should probably consider using a storage heater instead of an instant. 

Simple method to calculate:

Determine the amount of time you need the hot water - Eg: household of 4, showers 30 minute each.

Total time of shower: 30 x 4 = 2 hour.

If your instant heater uses 3 kw/hr total consumption per day is 6kw.

Storage heater uses 2kw/hr. To heat up enough water you need to on it for approx 1 hour: total consumption is 2kw per day.

So overall you saved on power consumption and yet enjoy higher water pressure.

However, if we are to reverse it to low usuage ie: 1 person shower 15 minute

instant uses less than 1kw per day but the storage still might still use 2kw since it has to heat up the entire tank of water.

* note: the above example does not take into account current water temperature in water tank and capacity and is used as a rough example only.

Other pros and cons:

A instant heating system provides you with hot water almost immediately. Storage system does require some waiting time as the water heats up in the storage tank.

Water pressure from storage system are usually better than that of instant heaters.

Instant heater lifespan is approx 3 - 5 years while storage heater lifespan is approx 5 - 7 years.

To make an appointment for a serviceman, call us at: 1800 8332133 or 6774 6009

mobile: 8199 3422

Plumbing hotline

Why we are one of the best for your heating installation?

Our company provides licensed plumbing services. Managed by a PUB license plumber, our serviceman has been sent on courses that are organized by BCA on home piping system.  As such our plumbers are familiar with your home piping which is important when installing a heater system for your home. 

We have experience dealing with all type of properties when it comes to such installation. Work we have carried out includes HDB flats, Condos, Private property as well as for commercial use.

How the appointment works?

We are available island wide in Singapore.  Scheduling can be done for the same day and if you are having an emergency problem such as a leak, inform us and we would be able to send a serviceman down in about 1 hour time. 

For water heater, concealed leak cases and commercial buildings, there is a transport charge of $20 for our plumber services during normal hours till 8pm

Is there any warranty?

The heater warranty is by the brand manufacturer. After the installation, the warranty will be given to you. For workmanship, the warranty is covered by our Singapore plumbing company and is usually up to 90 days. This warranty period will be written on the receipt that you will be given. Included in the receipt is the after sales service number you can call for a 2nd appointment if you have any issue with the workmanship. 





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