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Sink Choke Plumbing Services

Having problems with a choked sink in your home? Allow our professional plumber to assist you in unclogging the choke.  

Kitchen Sink Choke: common reason for a sink to get choked includes oil that has accumulated over the years. Beside this, it could be due to debris that have been washed down the sink. In rare cases, especially so if your house have just undergone constructions, it could be due to cement that the contractors have poured down the sink by accident. Whichever the reason, our professional plumbing service is able to assist you in all unclogging your sink.

Bathroom Sink Choke: A choked bathroom sink can be due to clogging up in the pipe below by hair residues. Some bathroom sink are located over a cabinet and a choke sink can cause the water to leak out of the pipe and damage the surronding.

Making an appointment for a plumber to check my choke.

To make an appointment, call us at 1800 833 2133 or 8199 3422. We are able to respond to all cases within the same day and in most cases within 1 hour from the time you called in.

We provide 24 hour plumbing services. Chokes can occur at any hour of the day and in some cases it can be an emergency (water damaging surronding). The quotation for residential area during office hour are free.

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How To Clear a Sink Choke

The most obvious sign of a sink choke is when water fails to drain from the sink. A sink choke may result in no water draining from the sink through the drain, and water can quickly accumulate in your sink basin. A sink choke may also cause a partial blockage of water from the sink basin. With this type of choke, water may slowly drain from the sink. Both of these issues should be dealt with quickly to ensure that you are able to continue to use your sink as desired. You may consider calling a plumbing professional for expert assistance to clear a sink choke, or you may try to clear the choke on your own. Before you call a plumbing professional for assistance, consider trying a few of these methods to clear the choke in an effort to save money with a do-it-yourself repair.

Plunging the Drain
One plumbing remedy that you can consider trying is plunging the drain. Simply take a plunger and place it over the drain. Apply an upward and downward motion to the plunger to loosen the clog. This is most effect at removing plumbing clogs related to food waste, hair balls and other types of debris. You may need to plunge the drain several times to effectively remove or loosen the clog.

Snaking the Drain
Another plumbing remedy that you can attempt is snaking the drain. You can purchase a special plumbing snake at local home improvement stores, and this snake can be inserted into the drain to loosen or grab ahold of the clog. However, you should be aware that this method may be ineffective if the clog is too far down in the pipe for your snake to reach. If you don’t want to purchase a plumbing snake, you can consider using a straightened wire hanger as a homemade snake device. In some cases, you may be able to pull the debris out of the pipe with the end of the snake or wire hanger. In other cases, you may loosen the clog so that it can then be plunged.

Dissolving the Clog
Some types of clogs can easily be dissolved. There are plumbing solutions available at grocery stores and home improvement stores that are designed to dissolve clogs made of grease, food waste and other natural materials. However, these chemicals can be caustic, and you may consider using a more natural method to dissolve the clog. For example, pouring vinegar into the sink is often effective because of the acidic nature of vinegar. If your clog is related to grease build-up, you may attempt to melt the clog by pouring a boiling pot of hot water into the drain.

For many homeowners, these do-it-yourself plumbing remedies will clear a sink choke effectively. You may need to try each of the methods to determine which will yield the best results with your clog. Until your clog is removed, you will be unable to use your sink as needed. Because of this, it is important to clear a sink choke quickly. If you have attempted these plumbing remedies and have not enjoyed the effective results that you want, call a reputable plumbing service for your repair needs. A professional plumbing services expert can utilize advanced techniques and equipment to clear a sink choke more effectively.



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