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How to clear a drain choke

A drain choke is among the most common plumbing issues that homeowners may face in the shower or bathtub. These drains often have at least a grate or cover over them to prevent large debris from entering the drain, but smaller items can easily slide into the drain and result in a choke. Smaller children’s bath toys are a common cause of a drain choke. In addition, hair coupled with grease and soap residue can also accumulate in the drain over time and result in a clog. In many cases, these clogs may start as a bothersome inconvenience. You may notice that you are standing in inches-deep water in the shower and that the amount of water in the basin seems to grow with each shower you take. The water may take a longer period of time to drain out of the basin, and eventually, it may stop draining out altogether. Many homeowners would like to save themselves the expense associated with calling a plumber for service, and they may want to know how to remove a drain choke in the shower or tub. Removing a drain choke may be rather easy to do if you follow a few simple steps.

Locate The Right Supplies
In many cases, a drain choke can easily be removed by a homeowner. The first thing that you should do before you attempt to remove a drain choke is to gather the supplies and tools that you will need for the job. This can be a messy job, so wearing rubber gloves is a good idea. You will also need a wire clothes hanger and a drain cleaner solution.

Snaking the Drain
Snaking the drain is often highly effective at removing clogs. When strands of hair wash down a drain, they may combine with soapy or greasy residue that results in a drain choke. You can unbend a wire clothes hanger to use as a homemade snaking device. Wearing your rubber gloves, remove the drain cover or grate over the drain. You may see the source of your choke sitting just underneath the drain cover, and you can easily pull the clog out with the wire clothes hanger. If you don’t see the clog, work the snake device into the drain as far as it will go. For a sink choke, you may have to bend the snake around the shape of the pipes. You need to work it around in a circular motion gently, and pull it out from time to time. You may pull out the source of your clog by following this step.

Using Drain Cleaner
If your efforts to remove your drain choke with your snaking device are unsuccessful, you can use a drainer cleaner product that you purchase at your local home improvement or grocery store. These are highly caustic chemicals, so you should use them with care and follow the instructions carefully. If unsure, engage the service of plumber Singapore to assist you. They are generally designed to break down organic materials and grease, so they may be effective at loosening a clog that is located deeper in your pipes. For tough clogs, you may need to repeat the process of using drain cleaner several times.

If Your Efforts Are Unsuccessful
A drain choke often can be removed successfully by a homeowner with these basic efforts, but some clogs are too deep, too dense or too difficult for the homeowner to remove through these efforts. More significant efforts may be required, and a plumber can provide you with this service. In some cases, a drain choke may be a plumbing emergency, and you may require urgent service. In other cases, you may still be able to use your shower or bathtub despite the inconvenience of standing water, and plumbing service can be scheduled at a time that is most convenient for you.



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