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Understanding How a Heater Works

Many local homes have a central heating and air conditioning system installed for the health and comfort of the home’s residents. The heater works to heat air and force this heated air through ducts to maintain a warm climate inside the home on cool days. If your home water heater is currently malfunctioning, is struggling to maintain an ideal temperature in the home or has stopped working altogether, it may have crossed your mind to attempt to make a repair on your home. The fact is that you do need to repair your heater quickly so that your heater can continue to provide warmth to your home as needed. However, before you begin tinkering with your heater, you should first understand how a heater works.

How a Heater Works
The heater is a cyclical device, and the heating cycle begins with the temperature setting on your thermostat. When your thermostat determines that the temperature in the room has dropped below the temperature setting on the thermostat, the heater turns on. An inducer fan works to suck air into the unit at a fast rate. A heat exchanger is heated by a pilot light or burners, and a blower motor blows air across the heat exchanger to heat it. The heated air is then propelled through the air ducts in your home, and the air enters your home. Once the home has been ideally warmed, the thermostat sensor will note the increased room temperature and will turn the heater off.

What You Can Do
It is understandable that you would not want to call an HVAC professional to your home for repairs unless necessary. There are a few troubleshooting steps that you can take before calling an HVAC professional. For example, because the heating cycle begins and ends with the thermostat, you may first change the batteries in the thermostat to determine if this will correct the issue. You can also inspect your heating unit and ensure that the pilot light is still lit. These simple steps can sometimes rectify common issues residents have with their heating unit. If the issue persists, however, you should call us for professional assistance. A heating unit is a highly complex, combustible device, and this is not a device that you want to tinker with.

When You Call Us
By calling us for professional assistance, you will enjoy the ability to have your heating system accurately diagnosed by a trained HVAC repair technician. We will provide you with a quote for repairs before we begin working on the system. All repairs will be done with professional results and using only proven techniques and quality parts. We understand that you depend on your water heater for comfort and for the safety of your family on extremely cold days, and we offer fast service for all repair requests. We can also provide after-hours service on evenings and weekends to ensure that you don’t have to wait longer than necessary for your system to be repaired.

Many homeowners do enjoy making repairs and upgrades to their home from time to time. There are a few troubleshooting steps that you can take, and these steps often can provide the remedy that you are looking for with your current heating system issues. However, a heating system is a complicated piece of equipment, and repairing it should not be done with a do-it-yourself approach. You want to ensure that your system is repaired only by the most skilled and well-trained plumber Singapore. When you call us for HVAC repair service, we can ensure that you will enjoy fast, quality service at a fair rate. Call to schedule the repair service you need today.



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