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Toiletbowl Choke Plumbing Service

toiletbowl cloggedA toiletbowl choke is a common reason why local residents call a plumber for service. With a choke, the waste pipe that carries the waste water from the toilet bowl is clogged with either natural matter or foreign objects, and the toilet is no longer operational. Whether your home only has one toilet or has several, having a toiletbowl choke can be a true inconvenience. In some cases, it may even be causing water damage to your home. This would occur when water overflows from the toiletbowl and spreads outward across the bathroom floor. If your toilet has developed a toiletbowl choke, there are a few steps that you can take to handle the situation.

Our company provides toiletbowl unchoking services. We deal with all types of toiletbowl chokes and some of the normal method of clearing includes

  • Manual work
  • Chemical treatment
  • Machine such as high pressure water jets
  • Removal and replacement of bowl

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About Our Workmanship Warranty For Chokes:

Our plumbing company provides a workmanship warranty of up to 90 days for repairs undertaken by us. This warranty covers the labour worked provided by our plumbers.

How to Handle a Toiletbowl Choke

Turn the Water Off
One of the most important steps that you can take when dealing with a toiletbowl choke is to turn the water to the toilet off first. This is most easily done by adjusting the valve located on the wall near the toilet. This valve works as an on and off knob for the toilet’s water source. By turning it off, you can stop the overflow of water out of the toilet bowl, and this can prevent further water damage from occurring in your home. Once your toiletbowl choke is removed, be sure to turn the water valve into the “on” position once again. You should also take steps to clean any water that has spilled with a mop, towels or another method.

The Importance of Identifying Foreign Objects
Once the source of the water has been turned off, you can then begin to work on the choke itself. In some cases, a few minutes working with the plunger to loosen up the debris in the pipe will result in a functioning toilet once again. However, the plunger is most effective when working with natural waste matter and toilet paper. If a foreign object has become lodged in the toilet’s pipe, it typically will need to be removed with professional plumbing services. If you are unaware of foreign objects in the toilet, take a moment to question others in the home who may have used the toilet.

Working With the Plunger
unchoke with a plungerIf you have decided to work with a plunger to remove the toiletbowl choke, place the plunger gently into the toilet bowl. This can prevent waste water from spilling over the sides of the toilet. Try to create a seal with the plunger around the opening at the bottom of the toilet bowl, and use and up-and-down motion several times to remove the toiletbowl choke. In many cases, a toiletbowl choke may be removed with the first effort. In other cases, you may need to repeat the plunging action several times before a clog is removed. Keep in mind that even natural waste and toilet paper can create a toiletbowl choke that is too significant to be removed with plunging efforts.

When the Plunger is Ineffective
In many cases, the use of a plunger to remove a toiletbowl choke will be effective. However, there are times when this effort will not be sufficient. A plumber can be called to your home to assist with the removal of the matter clogging the toilet pipe. Most commonly, a special snaking device will be used to remove the matter. If you do not have another toilet available for use in the home, be sure to request 24-hour emergency plumbing services so that your request for service can be prioritized.

A toiletbowl choke can be a messy hassle to contend with, but many residents can resolve the issue on their own with a plunger. When the plunger does not work, however, simply give us a call for repair service. We can arrive at your home quickly and restore the function of your toilet. Beside toiletbowl chokes, our company also do handle drain choke. Sometimes both your toiletbowl and bathroom drain gets clogged up together. You need not panic as this could just be an indication of them sharing a similar pipe that has clogged up.



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