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Toilet bowl Replacement in Singapore

We provide toilet bowl replacement service island wide in Singapore. Our services cover both residential as well as commercial building. Residential area includes HDB, Condos as well as private properties.  

We can provide both workmanship needed as well as the material (WC in this case) for you. Depending on the toilet bowl brand, the cost involve would be around $300 onwards. 

squatting toilet bowlConverting Squatting Toilet Bowl To Sitting WC

There are some homes that still have a squatting WC that you may want to change upon moving in. We provide such conversion services and supply of the new sitting WC.  

The cost of removing the squatting and installing a new WC is approximately $400 (includes WC but not hacking). Hacking (if needed) would depend on the work involve. Time needed for the work would be about 2-3 hours. You can call our plumbing hotline at 1800 833 2133 (toll free) if you have any questions.

Why use our plumbing service? 

While you can purchase a toilet bowl on your own and engage our installation service, we can help you do the work from step 1. This means that you need not be worried about getting the wrong dimension etc. Purchasing the wrong dimension would only mean an increase in cost since you would either need to replace the drain pipe or hack away items to fit your new toilet bowl.  

Other options you have is to send the WC back to the sanitary ware store you purchase it from and get a new one. This would have you incurring additional transportation charges as well as having to purchase a more expensive bowl (since most exchange policy only allow for you to exchange for a WC of a equal or higher value with the latter often being the case).  That is why it is always advisable to allow a license Singapore plumber service to assist you in your plumbing work.

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Some items to note when replacing your toilet bowl

example of 1 piece WCWhen choosing a toilet bowl, you would need to decide on a few items such as the dimension of the WC. The dimension involves both the fitting to your drainage pipe as well as to your toilet.  

Beside the above mention, you would also need to choose between a one piece toilet bowl or a two piece toilet bowl. The one piece sets have an advantage in terms of cleanliness and styles since there is no gap between the flush tank and the bowl itself, making cleaning easier. The one piece toilet bowl would also look sleeker than that of a two piece toilet bowl. 

Other features involve that you would want to take note when replacing your toilet bowl includes the water saving features such as single or dual flush system.





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