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leaking pipeHaving problems with a leaking pipe?

A pipe leak is a common problem that many local residents will contend with at some point, and it is a problem that requires your immediate attention. Many leaks are the result of natural weakening in pipes with age, but pipe leaks can also be caused by trauma to the pipes, natural weather events and other related issues. A pipe leak can be small and yield a slow drip from the pipe, but a leak can also be large and cause a significant amount of water to gush into your home. All leaks can result in wasted water at great expense to you, and they also can result in water damage to your home. Because of this, a pipe leak should be treated as a plumbing emergency and should be tended to immediately.

Here at, we have a team of plumber's trained and ready to assist you in your repairs and replacement of pipes. We deal with all pipe repairs and replacement service such as sink pipe, main pipe, copper pipe, PVC pipe etc.

Why us?

We provide warranty on repair jobs undertaken by out company. Established and experience we are reliable and dependable. PUB licensed plumber, we provide free assessment for repair work. Available 24/7 and islandwide in Singapore.

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Plumbing process:

  • Book an appoinment with our plumber by dailing 1800 833 2133 or 8199 3422.
  • Plumber will assess the situation and inform you on best course of repair
  • Upon agreement, plumber will proceed to do repair.
  • Repair fee is paid after repair is done and you are satisfied. A receipt will be issued with warranty period written on it.

For appointment dail: 1800 833 2133 or 6774 6009 now!

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What to Do When You Have a Pipe Leak

When You Notice A Leak
In some cases, the presence of a pipe leak will be obvious and difficult to miss. For example, a large leak could result in a large amount of water spreading across the floor of your home or dripping from your ceiling. A small leak, however, could take many days before you notice signs of its presence. You may notice that the carpet is damp, there is a wet spot on the wall or something similar. As soon as you notice signs of a pipe leak, it is important to turn off the water supply for the pipe leak. Depending where the pipe leak is, you may be able to turn off a valve under a sink or near a toilet, but you may have to shut off the main water supply to the house. If possible, take a few minutes to remove standing water from the house with towels, a dry vac or a mop. If drywall, cabinetry, furnishings or other objects are wet, point an oscillating or box fan at those items to begin the drying out process. Keep in mind, however, that a water remediation specialist may need to be called into your home to hasten the drying out process and to prevent further water damage and the development of mold growth.

Repairing the Pipe Leak
As soon as you have turned off the water supply to stop the pipe leak and have taken steps to begin drying out your home, call a plumber for emergency repair service. We provide 24-hour emergency plumber Singapore services and can respond quickly to your request for service. Regardless of the time of day or night it is or if it is a weekend or holiday, we will dispatch one of our licensed plumbers to your home to provide you with immediate service. The use of your home’s plumbing system will not available to you until the pipe leak is repaired, so you do want to call for immediate service as soon as possible.

Drying Out Your Home
After calling us for 24-hour emergency plumber services, you should then call for water remediation services. If you do not have a company that you would like to call, we can recommend a company that provides this service for you. Water remediation services should begin very quickly after a leak is discovered as mold growth can quickly develop. You can call for remediation services while you wait for a plumber to arrive for the best results.

The discovery of a smaller or larger pipe leak is often unexpected, and it can cause you a considerable amount of stress and anxiety. However, with our professional plumbing repair services available to you around the clock, you can easily repair your pipe leak quickly and without hassle. Call us now to schedule service if you have a pipe leak in your home.

Other common leaks in your home are toiletbowl flush leak.  Most homeowner tend to ignore such problems but one must always remember that any form of leaks that is not repaired immediately would only increase your utilities bill.


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