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ToiletbowlFlush tank

Having problems with a leaking flush tank?  

We provide round the clock plumbing services to assist you in all plumbing problems. Available island-wide, we carry a full range of flush tank accessories in our van. Our plumbers are trained to handle most major brands of flush tank. We are also able to supply you with an entirely new tank should the situation requires so.  

Toilet bowl leak: 

We also provide repair services for toilet bowl leakages. Common issue with toiletbowl leakages occurs around the base. Should a new toiletbowl be required, our company would be able to provide one suitable base on the requirements in your home. 

Sensor Flush: 

We do provide repair and replacement service for sensor flush. For such repair, do inform us over the phone on the problem you are facing with your sensor. This is to allow us to bring along suitable spare parts for the repair. 

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Appointment Procedure:

1.       Call in for appointment

2.       Plumber arrives at location for onsite assessment

3.       Plumber informs you of quotation. If agreed upon, repair work commence

4.       Payment is made after repair is done (ie: we don’t expect you to pay in advance not knowing if the repair work is done properly).

5.       Receipt is issued with warranty period written.


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 Leaking Flush? What To Do

Your toilet is one of your home’s plumbing fixtures that you rely upon for use every day. This plumbing fixture can develop repair issues just as other fixtures like faucets, pipes and more can. One of the most common repair issues that a toilet can develop is a leak. Some homeowners will describe a toilet that constantly or intermittently runs for no apparent reason as a leak, but others will have a true leak around the base of their toilet or even inside the floor underneath the toilet. As a homeowner, you may want to attempt to make a plumbing repair on your own to save money instead of engaging a plumber. There are a few different steps that you can take to repair the leak on your own.

When Your Toilet Runs
If you believe your toilet has a leak because it runs constantly or intermittently, you may consider making a plumbing repair by first identifying why the toilet is running. This is indeed a type of leak, but the water leak is generally contained inside the tank and toilet bowl. You may be able to identify the cause of the leak by removing the tank lid and inspecting the toilet’s flushing mechanism. Inspect the flapper at the bottom of the toilet to ensure that it is flush on the bottom of the tank and that no water is escaping from it. A slow leak characterized by intermitting running may indicate that the flapper is warped and needs to be replaced. Also, inspect the chain that connects the lever to the flapper. This can kink over time, and it may prevent the flapper from falling back downward after each flush. This chain can also be replaced. All of the replacement plumbing components found inside your toilet tank may be found at a local home improvement store, and most can be purchased with installation or replacement instructions.

When Your Toilet is Leaking at the Base
Another common plumbing issue related to the toilet is when water leaks from the base of the toilet. This may be evident by water surrounding the toilet and puddling on the floor. If the toilet is located on the second floor of the home, water may be leaking through the floor and through the first-floor ceiling below it. This often indicates that there is a problem with the wax ring that forms a seal between the base of the toilet and the waste pipe that carries flushed water and waste away from your home.
The wax ring can degrade over time, and it may need to be replaced. This plumbing fixture can be found at a local home improvement store as well, but the replacement of this part is often more in depth. It requires you to remove the toilet from the base of the floor, replace and seal the ring and re-install the toilet over the new ring. This should be handled with care to prevent causing water damage to your home.

If you are not comfortable making these plumbing repairs on your own or if you believe your toilet leak may be caused by a different plumbing issue, consider calling a plumber to your home for assistance. A plumber services professional can diagnose your toilet issues and can provide you with expert repair services to correct the issue immediately.
Beside flush leaks, one must also beware of tap leak which is a common occurance in just about any homes. Just click on the previous mentioned link if you have any tap leaking issues.


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