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Drain Choke Plumbing Service

We provide round the clock drain un-choking services. This includes choked bathroom or sink drain. Common reason for drains to get choked includes cement, dried up oil and dirt. One can un-choke the drain by using simple DIY method such as a plunger for simple choke.  

For more severe chokes, you would need to engage a plumber. We clear choke by the use of chemicals as well machine such as high pressure water jets. Most drain un-choking repair work would take about an hour to a few hour (for more severe choke) to clear. 

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  • Make an appointment with us for a plumber to provide a free assessment on the choke drain.  
  • After arriving, the plumber would inform you of the price before the work starts.  
  • If agreeable, the plumber would proceed to do the repair work.  
  • After the repair work is done, you can check to ensure the drain is cleared.  
  • Payment is made to the plumber after you are satisfied.  
  • Receipt would be issued with warranty period written on it.  
  • Should the choke return within the warranty period, you can call the number provided on the receipt and our after-service team can schedule another appointment for you.  

 For appointment dail: 1800 833 2133 or 6774 6009 now!

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How To Clear a Drain Choke

choke drainageA drain choke is among the most common plumbing issues that a homeowner may have. The function of the drain is to carry waste water from the sink, shower or bathtub out of your home. While water can easily pass through the pipe, other items may enter the pipe as well. Everything from hair, food waste and grease to foreign objects that fell into the drain by mistake can result in a drain choke. Rather than calling a plumbing services professional for immediate assistance, you may first attempt to clear a drain choke on your own.

Physically Remove the Clog
There are two different ways that you may attempt to clear a drain choke on your own and avoid calling a Singapore plumbing professional to your home. The first way is to physically remove the clog. This is best done when the clog is comprised of solid matter like a clump of hair, food waste or a foreign object. You may consider plunging the drain with a plunger a few times to dislodge the clog. You may also attempt to snake the drain. You can purchase a snake device from most local home improvement stores that sell plumbing merchandise and parts. The snake will slide down into the faucet and through the pipe to dislodge the clog. Some snakes are designed to physically latch onto or grab the clog so that you can pull it upward. If a snake is not available, you may be able to remove the clog by simply pulling a wire clothes hanger apart and working it into a straight line. If the clog is located close to the drain, you can latch onto the clog with the end of the straightened clothes hanger.

Melt or Dissolve the Clog
Another option available to remove a drain choke in your plumbing fixture is to melt or dissolve the clog. One way to do this is to take a pot of boiling water and run it into the drain. This is particularly effective at removing a clog that is comprised of grease. The hot water will melt the grease to loosen the clog. Another option is to run white vinegar into the drain. This is an acidic substance that may work to gently break down the clog stuck in your plumbing fixture. Keep in mind that using hot water or vinegar may entirely remove the clog, or it may loosen the clog enough so that other efforts like plunging are more effective. Therefore, after attempting to use hot water or vinegar in your drain, attempt to plunge the drain once again.

Unless you know what materials are causing the clog in your plumbing fixture, it may be necessary to attempt several or all of these efforts. Each one is effective at removing a specific type of clog, so one plumbing remedy may be more effective for you than another. A drain choke can be a true inconvenience in your home, so you do want to make an effort to remove the clog quickly. Sink choke is a common form of choke in drain too. If you find that these efforts to remove the clog on your own are ineffective, you should take the next step of calling a plumbing professional to your home. A plumbing professional can provide effective results at clearing a drain choke caused by a more significant clog or a clog that is located deeper inside your pipes.


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