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Toiletbowl / Drain Choke? What You Should do.

Having a choked toilet bowl / drain can be fustrating. I most cases thou, the water will stop running before it overflows. Most toilet bowl are design in such a way that the entire contents of the tank is held within without overflowing.That's only IF the water level in the bowl was at its normal height before the toilet was flushed, and the ballcock and flapper are working properly and shut off when the tank is full.

This is why if you have a choked toilet bowl, and as the water level rises without flushing away the contents, it is important to not panic.

In most cases, the user would push the flush buttong over and over again in hope of flushing the content away. All this does is raise the water level even more.

What to do in the event of a choke toilet bowl / drainage?

1. Do not flush it again

2. Inform all members of the household. This is to prevent them from flushing without knowledge of the problem.

3. wait for the water level to go down to normal before trying to flush again. If it doesnt drop to normal, proceed to step 4

4. Find out what is blocking the bowl or Call for a plumber if the choke doesn't clear.

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Clearing of choked Toilet bowl and Drain:

  You may want to attempt to unchoke your toiletbowl yourself. If so do follow the following steps:

Use newspaper or towel to cover the area surronding the toiletbowl / drain

Lower the level of water in the toiletbowl / drain by pumping or scooping them out.

Pour the drain cleaning solution you bought off the shelf in NTUC or Cold Storage. (depending on instruction you may need to flush the toilet. Esentially, you do not want the solution on the surface of the bowl. It needs to go down the pipe). Some homemade solution which we would not encourage is to use both baking soda and vinegar. Whichever solution you use, it should foam up.

Cover the bowl or drain inlet with a plunger.

After 30 minutes, remove the plunger and pour 1 - 2 liter of hot water down the hole.

If the chokage in the toiletbowl / drain persist, call for a plumber.


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