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Unclogging a Clogg Bathroom

Few things in life are as frustrating as a clogged tub drain.  Your shower and bathroom are your sanctuary, a place to remove the dirt, sweat, and stress from the day.  A clogged drain takes all of that away from you.  Luckily, your drain can likely be fixed with a few things around the house and a bit of work.

Equipment you will need to unclogg your bathroom:

First, you should gather the tools you will need for the job.  If your bathroom drain is clogged, you are going to need a plunger, a washcloth (one you can stand to lose), and drain cleaner.  Actually, the drain cleaner is optional, but a good idea as a preventative measure.

As with most things in life, when fixing a clogged drain it is best to start with the simplest solution, in this case that means water, very hot water.  If the clog is recent and nothing large has gone down the drain recently, you may be able to unclog the tub with a stream of hot water.  If the clog is simply a buildup of loose materials, the hot water will break up the clog and effectively fix your problem.

If running hot water does not solve your clogging problem, a plunger will likely do the trick.  If your tub has an overflow opening, the first thing you need to do is seal it off.  A good way to accomplish the seal is by balling up an old washcloth and placing it in the overflow opening making sure you have a snug fit.  Next, you will place the plunger over the drain and commence the plunging process.  For most clogs, the plunger will dislodge the material quickly and you will be free to use your tub or shower.

If the above fails you have two options left, drain cleaner or calling a plumber to clear the pipes.  Since drain cleaner is the more cost effective solution you should always start there.  Make sure that the drain cleaner you buy will not corrode or eat away your plumbing by following the instructions on the packaging.  For a full unclogging of the drain, you may need more than a single application of drain cleaner.  If the drain cleaner does not work it is time to call the plumber.

While there are the occasional clogs that require a plumber, most of the time, you will be able to get your tub in working order by doing it yourself.  Follow the methods above and your tub will be unclogged in no time. For a plumber, call us at 8199 3422.

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