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Three Simple Ways to Reduce Water Waste With Each Flush

toilet flushYou may not think of your toilet as a huge water usage device. When you look inside the bowl, you may see only a few inches of clean water. However, when you flush your toilet, this visible water as well as additional water from inside the tank is flushed away. In fact, older toilets may use anywhere from five to seven gallons of water with each flush. In the average home, over a quarter of water usage may come from flushing the toilet. Whether you live by yourself in a home or you share your home with others, you are wasting a considerable amount of water each time you flush the toilet. Learning how to reduce toilet water waste can help you to save money and conserve water.

Low-Flow Toilets
One step that you can consider taking is to install low-flow toilets in your home. Some of the most innovative toilets today utilize less than two gallons of water per flush. You can shop for these toilets online or at your local home improvement store. Replacing toilets can be done through your own efforts or with the assistance of a plumber.

Use Water Displacement
If replacing all of the toilets in your home is not in your budget, you could consider utilizing water displacement to your benefit. Simply take an empty water or soda bottle, place some sand or small pebbles in it as weight, and place it at the bottom of each toilet tank in your home. This simple step will displace water and can help you to conserve water with each flush.

Replace Your Flapper
Another option to consider is to replace your flapper with an easy-close flapper. Most flappers will wait until the water is almost entirely drained from the tank to flip shut. An easy-close flapper, however, will flip shut before the tank is fully empty. This allows less water to be used with each flush and can help you to conserve water.

Each of these steps provides you with the ability to continue to flush your toilet as needed while also promoting water savings. Your toilets may be responsible for over a quarter of your home’s water consumption, so decreasing toilet water consumption can help you to save money on your water bill. Take time to consider the benefits that each of these options can provide to you, and put one of them into action today to enjoy an immediate reduction in your home’s water usage.

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