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Steps to Fix a Leaking Tap 

A leaking tap can be easy to fix. The only problem is that you will have to get your hand dirty and risk not fixing it or perhaps even worsening the leak. Here are some step you can take to stop a leaking tap.

1. Turn Off Water Supply

If you are lucky, you will have isolating valve beneath the taps which will isolate the tap or room. To find it just follow the piping till you find a lever that you can switch off to stop the water flow. If you can't find this, you would have to turn off the water at the main stopcock. To off it, Turn clockwise until it stops. Don't force it or you may break the valve. 

2. Drain the water.

On your tap after you have stop the water flow. Drain out the remainder water in your pipe.

3. Once done, you can follow the instruction on this video to try and change the tap yourself.


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