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We have finally finished doing quite a few updates to our website in hopes that it would provide you our viewers with a better time on our website. For example one of the main update we did was to add in the floating share bar on the left of our website. Reading this page on behalf of your friend? Just click on the share button and send him our url link and a email will be sent to him immediately. Or is your friend looking for a plumber on twitter? Just click on the tweet button to tweet the url you are reading to him. It is now easier to share the great plumbing service that you have recieved from us with your friends.

 Beside the floating share bar, we have also made navigation on some of our pages easier. For example, the new FAQ page.

Say for example you are looking at question 8. How do i know the plumber is from your company? Instead of scrolling down all the way, now all you need to do is click on that link and we bring you down to the answer immediately.

Thats not all!

We have also added several new contents to our website.

One major addition to our contents is the facebook fanpage that we have created. You can now view more about our plumber Singapore services at our facebook fanpage today! Additionally it allows our customer to communicate with us.

Our services page has also been expanded to add in more information just for you! Need help on your water heater installation? or do you intent to buy a new tap for your home? Whichever it is we have the informaton for you just 1 click away.

We are excited with all this updates and we hope you are just as excited about it as us. Do let us know your feedback by private messaging us on our facebook page and let us know if there is any more information you would feel we should add to our website so as to better benefit you.

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