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In homes across Singapore, residents regularly enjoy the convenience of fresh water provided to them through the home's plumbing system. Most Singapore residents don’t give their pipes a second thought on a day to day basis. As long as water flows as needed in the kitchen and bathroom, waste water is removed as needed and leaks or other signs of damage or not present with the plumbing system, you may simply go about your daily routine without thinking about your pipes and plumbing features. However, there are times when all Singapore residents require repair or maintenance service on their plumbing features, and there are some good reasons why you want to choose the services of a licensed Singapore plumber for your needs. Sanitary and Water Service Plumbing Features If your home is like most others in Singapore, your home features a complex system of pipes that carry fresh water to the home and waste water away from the home. This system features the pipe system that may run under your floors, in your walls and in your ceilings. It also features a hot water heater, toilets, sinks, faucets and so much more. It is important to understand that this system serves the important purpose of controlling the flow of water both in and out of your home as well as your accessibility of water in your home. When pipes or plumbing features become damaged in some way, your ability to access the water or to remove waste water may be hindered. In some cases, water or waste water may leak through the pipes and cause damage to the home. While you may understand that you need to call a Singapore plumber to your home for assistance, you may not be sure who to call. With a closer look at the difference between a licensed Singapore plumber and an unlicensed professional, you will see why you want to call our office and schedule service from a licensed professional. When a License is Required As a local resident, you may consider calling a Singapore plumber to your home only on a rare occasion when you need repair service for an overflowing toilet, a leaking pipe or other issues. Because of this, you may not be certain about when a Singapore plumber is required to be licensed and when a plumbing professional can work in the area without a license. All Singapore plumber professionals who provider water service plumbing work will need to have a license that they obtain through PUB. These services include those related to laying or installing new pipes, replacing pipes or working with tanks, fittings or taps that relate to drinking water. This includes pipes that carry drinking water to the home. When a new pump system or storage tank is being installed or worked on, a professional engineer that has been registered with the Professional Engineers Board must also be contracted for services. When a License is Not Required If it is required for a Singapore plumber to have a license to perform these tasks, you may be wondering why so many who work in the area do not have a license. The fact is that a license is not a requirement for a Singapore plumber to perform certain functions. For example, any services related to the sanitary or waste water features do not require work to be performed by a licensed Singapore plumber. This includes services pertaining to toilet bowls, urinals and any used water. If Your Plumber Is Not Properly Licensed It is imperative that your Singapore plumber has the proper education and training when working with clean water systems in your home, and this importance is emphasized by the fact that the government has stiff penalties in place that the plumber may be faced with if he is caught providing services that he is not licensed to provide. In fact, a Singapore plumber who performs these services or that even advertises or solicits these services to others may face a penalty of up to $10,000 or imprisonment for up to three years. These considerable penalties emphasize the importance of obtaining the services of a licensed plumber for certain tasks. As such even if you are looking for a Singapore emergency plumber service, the license is one of the main consideration to take into account. Why You Want to Always Work With a Licensed Professional In order to become a licensed Singapore plumber, a professional must have considerable training and experience. He must have demonstrated his knowledge in working with clean water systems in a home and must have demonstrated his proficiency with plumbing concepts and services. While licensing is only required for water service plumbing work, the fact is that you will benefit from always working with a licensed plumber for your home service needs. Even waste water pipes and features can cause damage to your home when not repaired correctly, so you want to ensure that the professional who you call to your home has indeed been thoroughly educated and trained in plumbing services. Furthermore, there may be times when you need service for a leak or another issue, but you are not sure whether the leak is from a clean water or waste water feature. This is especially true when hiring a plumber for pipe burst. When You Call When you call a Singapore plumber for assistance with a home service need, you should always inquire about their licensing status. Some plumbers may tell you that a license is not required for the work that you need done, but you should always insist on verifying that the license is current before you schedule service. During the initial call, you can also inquire about the timeliness of service, the cost and other important factors. While licensing may not be required for all types of plumbing services in Singapore, there are indeed sound reasons why you want to work with a recommended Singapore plumber company like us that does have a license. A license attests to the experience and education of the plumbers who may be working on your home’s plumbing features. You want to ensure that your plumbing service is completed quickly and properly with the initial service, and using the service of a licensed Singapore plumber like us can help you to ensure that this happens.
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