Skeptical Kid – Water To What?

We do feel that we are indeed blessed and fortunate to get clean and good sanitary hygene in Singapore. … [Continue reading]

Troubleshoot Your Gas Hot Water Heater

how water heating system

You may use hot water in your sinks, tubs, showers and more throughout the day. When you turn on the tap, you expect hot water to arrive without issue. However, all water heaters will develop issues over time. Some of the issues that you may face … [Continue reading]

Repairs You Need to Call a Singapore Plumber For

As a homeowner, it makes sense that you would want to tackle as many repair projects as possible around the house on your own. Many homeowners take great pleasure in turning their home into their pet project with regular repair projects and … [Continue reading]

Website update

We have finally finished doing quite a few updates to our website in hopes that it would provide you our viewers with a better time on our website. For example one of the main update we did was to add in the floating share bar on the left of our … [Continue reading]

How to Fix a Dripping Showerhead

leaking shower

A showerhead may develop a slow or fast drip over time with regular use, or it may have a leak because it was not installed correctly. If you have a dripping showerhead, you want to repair it quickly. The regular sound of dripping water can be … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Your Toilet Tank From Leaking

flush tank

When your toilet functions properly, it will “run” after each flush for a short period of time. The sound that you hear after each flush includes the sound of the waste in the toilet bowl being evacuated out of the bowl, and this is followed by the … [Continue reading]

Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill

saving money on your water bill

The desire to save money on personal expenses is a common one. Many have already cut back on excess spending by reducing their entertainment budget, clipping coupons for savings at the grocery store and more. However, when it comes to your water … [Continue reading]

How Tree Roots Affect Your Home’s Plumbing

how tree root can affect your home plumbing

Under the layer of topsoil in your yard lies an intricate network of gas lines, water lines and tree roots. While your gas lines and water lines are not mobile and may only shift if the ground around them shifts, the tree roots are alive. They are … [Continue reading]

How a Plumber Locates and Repairs Hidden Leaks

Leak in pipe

The pipes in most homes will develop leaks over time. In some cases, these leaks can easily be located through visible inspection. For example, you may have a leak in the pipe under a sink, and you can open your cabinet to see the water dripping from … [Continue reading]