Exploding Toilet bowl

Firs time i read something like this in my career. Probably the air pressure that caused the explosion. Hope no one here in Singapore has to deal with such injuries. Still a very interesting read: "A New York City man is still treating visits to … [Continue reading]

How to Fix a Water Leak Inside Your Wall

Whether you have discovered a larger or smaller water leak in your home, you understandably want to take steps to fix the issue right away. While some water leaks will develop in pipes that are easy to reach, such as those under your kitchen or … [Continue reading]

PUB Campaign – Water Wally Shower Dance

The latest PUB campaign on water saving has been making it's way into the … [Continue reading]

Plumber For Pipe Burst in Singapore

When you need a plumber for pipe burst issues, you may feel as though you need to make a snap decision about who to call. When a pipe has burst inside your home or outside on your property, you understandably may be overwhelmed by the presence of … [Continue reading]

Recommended Singapore Plumber – The Best Plumbing in Singapore

Many homeowners today understand the importance of finding a highly qualified and reputable professional to provide service in their home. For any type of repair or contract labor work, you want to ensure that the professional that you contact will … [Continue reading]

Emergency Singapore Plumber Service Available At Short Notices

There are certain instances when you know without a doubt that you need to call a plumbing professional to your home to provide you with Singapore emergency plumber service, and there are other times when you are not quite sure that you need … [Continue reading]

PUB Latest Video Highlight

Just wanted to share PUB latest video highlights. Personally i¬†recommend¬†you to watch the "how to install thimbles" video. You can actually redeem a free water saving kit from PUB!   watch all videos at this link: … [Continue reading]

Stomachache in Public – Bad Luck Brian

Nothing much we can say except that we have all experienced it at some time. … [Continue reading]

Exciting Bathroom Concept

Saw this pic at http://www.divinecaroline.com/38/69055-ski-jump-bathroom. Apparantly it is by Goeorgia Max Coffee, a japanese coffee company promoing their coffee energy drinks.   … [Continue reading]