How to Stop Your Toilet Tank From Leaking

When your toilet functions properly, it will “run” after each flush for a short period of time. The sound that you hear after each flush includes the sound of the waste in the toilet bowl being evacuated out of the bowl, and this is followed by the sound of the tank re-filling with water. Once the tank is full, the sound of the running toilet should cease. However, in some cases, the sound of a toilet running does not stop. In other cases, it may start and stop periodically. In both instances, water is being wasted, and this ultimately is costing you money by inflating your water bill needlessly. In addition to the financial expense associated with the running toilet, the sound can also cause unnecessary irritation and annoyance. If you are experiencing this issue in your home, you may be able to correct the issue with ease. Insflush tankpect Your Tank The issue causing your running toilet lies in the tank. In many cases, the flapper or a part connected to the flapper is the source of the issue. The flapper is responsible for sealing off the drain at the bottom of the tank so that the flush tank can re-fill with water. You can lift the lid off of your tank and flush the toilet. Watch the flapper rise up as you flush the tank, and it should flip downward and seal off the tank within a few seconds after flushing. If not, the problem with your flapper may stem from the chain that pulls it up. If there is a kink in the chain, simply unkink the chain to resolve your issue. An older chain may continue to kink repeatedly, and you may need to replace the chain with a new one. If the flapper is sticking or if it has become misshapen or warped over time, you may need to replace the flapper. Correct the Issue Once you have inspected the tank and have determined what the cause of your running toilet is, you can easily run down to your local home improvement store to purchase the replacement parts needed. Many of the parts that you may find at the home improvement store come with installation instructions, or you may locate those instructions online. You should be careful to install the new parts correctly and to follow the instructions perfectly. Some homeowners have attempted to make what seems to be a simple repair to their toilet and have wound up flooding their bathroom. If you are not comfortable making the repair yourself, consider hiring a professional plumber service to assist with your needs. A constant or intermittent running sound from your toilet can be an annoyance, and it can also drain your wallet of money. After you have corrected this issue, you can once again enjoy the regular function of your toilet. read here on how you can reduce water waste with each flush
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