How a Plumber Locates and Repairs Hidden Leaks

Leak in pipeThe pipes in most homes will develop leaks over time. In some cases, these leaks can easily be located through visible inspection. For example, you may have a leak in the pipe under a sink, and you can open your cabinet to see the water dripping from the pipe. A plumber can easily be called to your home to repair these leaks. However, other leaks are more difficult to detect and repair, and you may be wondering how a plumber will diagnose and repair those leaks. The Diagnostics Process Depending which plumber you call for service, your plumber may utilize different diagnostic methods to locate the leak. First, you will need to tell your plumber why you believe you have a leak. This may be because your water bill is higher than usual, because you have noticed a wet spot in your yard that is not explained by watering or rainfall or you have a most spot on your home’s interior drywall. Based on your description, the plumber may utilize video diagnostic services to locate a leak, or he may try to make a visual inspection of certain pipes in your home. If you utilize the services of a plumbing company that does not make use of video diagnostics, the plumbing professional may need to dig up your yard or cut away at patches of the drywall in order to locate the leak. Once the location of the leak has been identified, the repair process can begin. How Leaks Are Repaired There are different methods that a plumber may utilize when repairing a leak. The methods may vary based on which plumbing company you call for service. In some cases, a portion of the pipe will need to be removed, and a new section of pipe will need to be installed. In other cases, a sealant may be applied on the outer or interior surface of the pipe, or a plumber may replace a coupling or fitting with a new part. The plumber will make the determination about which method will provide the best results after carefully inspecting the leak as well as based on the location of the leak. If you believe that you have a hidden leak in your home or in a pipe that runs across your yard, you should contact a plumber today. Hidden leaks can cause property damage over even a short period of time, and they can cause the costly waste of water too. By calling a plumber today, the location of the leak can be determined, and the repair work needed can be completed.
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