How to Fix a Leak at a Pipe Joint

One of the last things any homeowner wants to discover is a water leak in their home. Water leaks can cause a significant amount of damage to the home, furnishings and other personal items in a short period of item, and there is also the possibility that mold growth may develop if the problem is not taken care of quickly. If you have discovered a water leak in your home, you may have already taken the time to find the location of the leak. When a leak is located at a pipe joint, many homeowners may have the skills and tools to repair the issue on their own. By following a few key steps, you may be able to stop your leak.
1. Prevent Water Damage The first step you should take when discovering a water leak is to prevent more water from leaking into your home. The best way to accomplish this is to turn off the water supply to the pipe. There is usually a valve located under sinks that can be adjusted to shut off the water supply. If the leak is not located near a sink, you may need to shut off the main water supply to the property. This valve is usually located outside the home. Then, take a few minutes to clean up any water that has spilled onto the floor or that is affecting cabinets, furnishings and other items. This can minimize the risk of water damage and mold growth in the home. 2. Repairing the Leak Repairing a leak on a pipe joint is often easy to do. First, grab a bucket to place underneath the joint. Even though the water supply has been turned off, some water may still remain in the pipes. Clean and dry the location of the joint where the leak is. Then, apply epoxy putty to the area where the leak is. This putty is often difficult to work with and can be difficult to get off of your hands and clothes. Because of this, you should follow the instructions on the package label carefully when applying it. In most cases, applying an epoxy that is designed specifically for a pipe leak will be sufficient to stop the leak. You should allow ample time for the epoxy to dry based on the instructions provided on the packaging. However, if you turn the water supply back on and the leak persists, your next step should be to contact a plumber. Be sure to turn the water supply back to the off position while you wait for a plumber to arrive and fix the leak.
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