Always Engage a Professional Singapore Plumber

In most cases, engaging a freelance plumber (which can be easily identified by the lack of license number and business line in their advertisement) would usually cost less than that of engaging a proper licensed plumbing company. However, the article belows proves that saving that $10-$20 may not be that worth while as the cost to repair the botched work can cost significantly higher than the amount that you save. See article below: In a survey of 2,000 consumers, two thirds (69 per cent) admit that they have chosen a plumber based on the price alone without checking registry documents or professional credentials. But a quarter of those polled revealed that they had been a victim of a poorly done job while another 23 per cent said they knew someone else who had. The fall in temperatures has seen a spike in the number of callouts for broken boilers in the past month, with many of those resulting in larger long term bills. The average price to repair a botched job has been estimated at £426. ᔥ It is important for consumers to understand the risk involve when doing a repair work. Our company ensures that our customers are protected by offering a written warranty. It is important that you keep the receipt and warranty with you till the warranty has expired. If you have any question regarding our warranty, do give us a call at 1800 833 2133 or visit our facebook page at
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Manager at A license Singapore plumber that has been in the plumbing industry for more than a decade. Experience in all plumbing work. I have done work in both commercial and residential project.

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