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Tips for Selecting New Bathroom Fixtures for Your HDB home Remodeling Project


Many HDB homeowners attempt to update the look of their bathroom periodically by repainting the walls, buying new bathroom accessories like towels and bath mats and more. However, some of the most dominant and noticeable features in a bathroom include the sink, bathtub, shower, faucets and more. These are permanent fixtures in your HDB home, and upgrading them with new and more stylish fixtures can help you to achieve better results. If you are considering remodeling your HDB home’s bathroom, you should pay special attention to the bathroom fixtures that you select for your space.

The Taps
One of the key features of your bathroom fixtures are the taps. There are dozens of styles of taps available for you to choose from. The styles are enhanced by a wide range of finishes. You can choose to change the finishes on fixtures throughout your bathroom, or you can replace fixtures individually using the same finish. In addition to the overall look of your taps, however, you should consider the overall water conservation features they have. Some taps, for example, are low-flow or aerated in design, and these are designed to provide you with ample water pressure from the tap while still saving water. You should also consider the functional space in your sink basin or countertop for the tap. The sink should have one or three holes usually for the tap fixture to fit into place. If you are replacing your counter top while replacing the tap, you can have the right number of holes for your faucet selection custom-made for you.

The Showerhead
Many people will replace the showerhead when upgrading their bathroom. There are numerous styles of showerheads available. Some are designed to give you a relaxing, rainwater-style experience, and others deliver a high-pressured stream of water to give you a massaging experience. Some showerheads are multifunctional in design and can provide you with a range of water flow experiences. You can easily find the ideal water flow experience as well as the ideal finish on your showerhead when you explore the options available. Keep in mind that showerheads are also available water-saving models. Some models can reduce your water consumption in the shower by half.

The Toilet
You may also upgrade your toilet as a part of your HDB home remodeling project. Most styles of toilets are white, but you can also choose between cream, beige, off-white or even black options. These styles should be chosen based on the space you have available for the toilet in your bathroom as well as on how much water is used with each flush. By choosing a low-flow toilet, you can save money with each flush.

Professional Installation
The fact is that if you want to upgrade the look of your bathroom with lasting results, you will need to replace many of the HDB plumbing features in this space. After selecting the right styles of taps, showerheads and toilets for your space based on the style, finish, functionality and water conservation features, you should call us for professional installation. Our licensed HDB plumbers can visit your HDB home at a scheduled time to replace a single tap or to install brand new features throughout all of the bathrooms in your HDB home. You simply have to call us when the fixtures are available to install.

If you have decided that you are tired of the look or functionality of your bathroom, there is no better time than right now to improve the look of your space. Simply call us now to schedule an appointment with our HDB plumber for the installation of the new bathroom fixtures that you have selected. After our professional installation service, you will enjoy the enhanced look, improved functionality and water conservation features in your bathroom.  

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