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Steps to Take When You Suspect a Water Leak


Some water leaks are noticeable and obvious, but others are not quite as obvious. For example, if the pipe under your bathroom sink has developed a leak, you simply have to open the under-sink cabinets to see water dripping from the pipe, or you can touch the pipe to see if it feels moist to you. There are other times, however, when you may not be certain that you have a pipe leak. A pipe leak can result in the expense of wasted water, and this expense will accrue over time until the leak is fixed. If the leak is inside your HDB home, it can result in water damage, mold growth and other undesirable effects that can result in even more significant expense. Therefore, if you suspect that you have a water leak in your HDB home or in your yard, it is important to call us for service immediately.

Signs That You May Have a Water Leak
For water leaks that are not obvious, many owners begin to suspect a water leak when they review their HDB home’s utility bill. If your home’s water bill increased substantially and without cause recently, you likely do have a water leak somewhere on your property. You may also suspect that you have a water leak if you can hear rather than see dripping water in your HDB home. Another sign that you may have a water leak may be visible in your yard. A leaking pipe in your yard may cause the ground in one area to be moist when the surrounding soil is dry. It may also cause one patch of vegetation to be more lush and green than another area. These are among the most obvious signs of a water leak, but you may have made other observations that have led you to believe you have a water leak too.

Call for Immediate Service
If you notice these signs in your home or have made other observations that cause you to suspect a water leak, it is important to call us for service. Our licensed HDB plumber are experts in diagnosing the presence of a leak and in pinpointing the location of the leak. We can arrive at your HDB home promptly at the scheduled appointment time, and we do offer emergency repair services if you believe the leak is major or if the leak may be causing water damage to your HDB home. Through our specialized diagnostic techniques, we can accurately confirm if there is a water leak in your home. This step must be completed before any repairs can be made.

Repairing the Leak
If we confirm the presence of a water leak, we will then provide you with an estimated quote to repair the issue for you. It is in your best interest to repair a water leak quickly. The longer a water leak remains on your property, the more water will be wasted from the leak. The leak will continue to inflate your water bill until the issue is repaired. Further, the leak also can result in property damage inside the HDB home as well as outside the HDB home, depending on the location of the leak. We can provide you with fast, efficient repair services with high quality results. You can rest assured that our repair services will result in the issue being repaired right the first time.

No HDB owner wants to contend with a leak on their property. When a leak is not obvious, it is easy to procrastinate in calling a HDB plumber for professional plumbing services. However, even leaks that are not causing obvious water waste or property damage can indeed be affecting your  home. Because of this, it is important to call us for immediate service. We can accurately determine if you do have a leak and can repair the leak for you with expert results.




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